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Ex Libris Collection: Seattle Art Museum Libraries


This collection is one of the Seattle Art Museum Libraries' hidden collections. Rather than a standalone bookplate--or ex libris--collection, these…

Contributors: Katherine Robbie, Joel Irving, Elizabeth Tegeler, Traci Timmons

Publications of the Seattle Fine Arts Society and the Art Institute of Seattle


This collection consists of digitized annual reports, announcements and other documentation issued by the Seattle Fine Arts Society (1908-1928) and…

Contributors: Kate Hanske

SAM Next Publications


SAM Next was a series of exhibitions held at the Seattle Art Museum between 2008 to 2012. Its focus was emerging local, national, and international…

Contributors: Anastasia K. Tucker

Seattle Art Museum Annual Exhibitions of Residential Architecture, 1950-1980


This is a collection of brochures and photographic images from the Seattle Art Museum's Residential Architecture Tours of the mid Twentieth Century.

Contributors: Joel Irving, Traci Timmons

Seattle Art Museum Annual Reports


This collection consists of digitized and born-digital annual reports and other financial and strategic documentation issued by the Seattle Art Museum…

Contributors: Michael Besozzi, Kate Hanske, Traci Timmons

William Lautz, the Seattle Ceramic Society, and the Seattle Art Museum

William H. Lautz Antique Porcelains, Photo 327

The Bullitt Library at the Seattle Art Museum holds a collection of photographic and documentary materials related to gallerist/dealer William Lautz,…

Contributors: Nicole Sonett, Traci Timmons