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Ex Libris Collection: Seattle Art Museum Libraries


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This collection is one of the Seattle Art Museum Libraries' hidden collections. Rather than a standalone bookplate--or ex libris--collection, these works were all found in situ inside books. These little gems are works of art themselves and give us important information about a book's ownership, purpose, and the journey each made to eventually reach the Seattle Art Museum Libraries.

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Katherine Robbie, Joel Irving, Elizabeth Tegeler, and Traci Timmons


Seattle Art Museum Libraries


Katherine Robbie
Joel Irving
Elizabeth Tegeler
Traci Timmons








19th - 21st century

Alternative Title

Bookplate Collection: Seattle Art Museum Libraries

Collection Items

States: "Mendlen". Personal bookplate for an individual named (possible last name) of Mendlen.

Ex Libris [James M. Moroney Jr.]
States: "Ex Libris [possibly] James M. Moroney Jr."; depicts a man in colonial attire on a horse; framed border. Possible personal bookplate for James M. Moroney Jr., a Dallas business man who helped create the Belo Corporation, one of the country’s…

The Book of Phila Calder Nye
States: "The Book of Phila Calder Nye No."; greek letters, decorative border with flowers. Personal bookplate for Phila Calder Nye, an art historian and one-time director of the Index of Christian Art.

Pratt Institute Library, Brooklyn, New York, In Memory of Betty Heindel
States: "Pratt Institute Library Brooklyn New York In Memory of Betty Heindel"; double-lined border. Presentation bookplate for the Pratt Institute Library in memory of Betty Heindel.

Ronald Walter Graham Kerr
States: "Ronald Walter Graham Kerr"; depicts multiple crests, underwater scene with fish and sea life, above water scene with a boat and mountains in the distance, includes shields and other creatures and symbols. Personal bookplate for the artist of…

Dr. Oscar Troplowitz Ex Libris
States: "Dr. Oscar Troplowitz Ex Libris"; depicts lady with harp walking towards the entrance of a building, bird on top of the harp, monkey with a cornucopia, owl with a chalice and snake. Personal bookplate for Dr. Oscar Troplowitz. Dr. Troplowitz,…

Denver Public Library, From the Library of William E. Porter, 1959 | From the Library of William E. Porter, 1959
States: "Denver Public Library"; annotated: "From the Library of William E. Porter 1959"; decorated border. Bookplate for the Denver Public Library. William E. Porter was a Denver area businessman and supporter of libraries, also providing funds for…

Property of the Earlville Public Library, 1915…
States: "Property Of The Earlville Public Library 1915 No…"; double-lined border. Bookplate for the Earlville Public Library (possibly of East Saint Louis, Illinois).

Rittenhouse Club Philadelphia, Class 730.91, Book T12
States: "Rittenhouse Club Philadelphia"; annotated: "Class 730.91 Book T12"; double-lined border. Bookplate from the Rittenhouse Club, a social club founded in Philadelphia, Penn., in 1875, created for businessmen, intellectuals and artists.

Ex Libris C.C. Cunningham
States: "Ex Libris C.C. Cunningham". Personal bookplate for Charles C. Cunningham, 1910-1979, who was director of the Wadsworth Atheneum from 1946-1966 and credited with turning the Wadsworth into a fully developed art museum. He went on to be the…
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