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Artists’ books, as artworks that convey ideas and inspire, expand the notion of what museum libraries collect, broadens the audience it serves, and aids community building among (book) artists. The exhibited works highlight unique structures, regional artists, promote social justice, and/or collaborative projects. Multiple images are included for each work. This digital collection was conceived of and produced as an MLIS capstone project for the University of Washington Information School.

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May 2019

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These materials may be protected under copyright law and may only be used for educational, teaching, and learning purposes. If intended use is beyond these purposes, it is the sole responsibility of the user to obtain the appropriate copyright permissions.

Collection Items

Domestic Notes
This work explores the language found in a 1940's architects journal. The visual and textual language of the journal reflects the post war era dominated by a masculinity concerned with concrete and modernist building. The work is layered with…

What's Happening with Momma?
Capturing the memory of a younger sister being born, Sligh wanted something that would harmonize with the repetitive, rhythmic fragments of Baptist preachers, gospel singers, and R&B singers. Inspired by a book artist Susan Share, Sligh built a…

La Cité des Animaux
This is an original collaged book opening up to reveal a parade of strange, whimsical animals creeping through a deserted white city. Skordal expertly creates juxapositions using scissor-and-paper collage to provoke the viewer. It harkens to a hidden…

Sent a letter
Similar to the artist's books that will come later, this is a collection of small black and white photo journals of the artist's travels in India. Each book is made with a specific person in mind, either one she had made the journey to be with or one…

Museum Bhavan
This series of books is based on a exhibition of the same name, where photographs spanning Dayanita Singh's career were exhibited as a traveling family of museums. The book titles reflect this family: Godrej Museum; Museum of Men; Museum of…

Pothi Box
This book provides an excellent example of Singh's rich black and white photography as a serial, and brings ideas from Museum Bhavan to a smaller scale. A wooden box acts as the books binding element and display structure; the front cover image can…

Essay, Bowl
This tiny book is a version of a larger work. The artist works with the metaphor of a bowl and the way they be empty or full, and are used in nourishment and fellowship. The essay relates bowls to other metaphors like houses, boats, hearts, and books…

The Imagination Cycle
Like so much of Ginny Ruffner's work, this pop-up book is colorful, active, and engaging. She recounts the journey of imagination using the landscape and flora as a visual metaphor for this process.

Inscription: Signed by the artist on front cover…

The Ladies Printing Bee: An Anthology of Thirty-nine Letterpress Printers Addressing the Subject of Women's Work
This traditionally bound book is a collection of works from 36 contributors from the United States, New Zealand, and England. Each entry retains the unique materials and techniques of the original submission. Most contributions were published…

Choices: (S)elect
Folded in the shape a pamphlet, the paper is cut so that when blue and red paper are inserted it takes on the stripes of the flag. The text is a collection of quotes about voting and choice. Quotes include: Aristotle, Louis D. Brandeis, Goethe,…
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