Treading the Maze: An Artist's Book of Daze


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Treading the Maze: An Artist's Book of Daze


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This book tells the story of the author's journey to two unfamiliar places: Europe and her breast cancer diagnosis upon returning. Using a single backboard, the illustration pages hinge on the left and the text on the right. The maze-like structure reflects the disorientation and loneliness that comes with chronic illness. Circular visual elements mirror each other through labyrinths, astrological charts, diagrams of breasts, Stonehenge, and the rose window of Chartres. King includes other writings and provides bibliographical references.

Colophon includes: A publication of Montage 93: International Festival of the Image by at Visual Studies Workshop Press. Project Director: Joan Lyons. Offset presswork by Paul Muhly. Transparent images by Ted at Lue's Printers in Los Angeles. Binding design by Susan King with Allwyn O'Mara. Binding by Rochester Wire and Plastic Binding, Inc.

Edition size: 800


King, Susan Elizabeth, 1947-
Lyons, Joan
Muhly, Paul
O'Mara, Allwyn


Visual Studies Workshop Press
Rochester, NY

Paradise Press
Santa Monica, CA


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Materials/Printing: offset printing, Journal Text and Journal Ultra (type), Microsoft Word, QuarkXPress, Photoshop.

Structure/Folds: spiral binding, overlapping gatefold. Issued in a clear plastic envelope with sticker.

Dimensions: 19 pages left (images), 36 pages right (text); 19 x 21 x 1 cm (closed), 19 x 59 x 1 cm (open)


artists' books (books)


Twentieth century (dates CE)

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Photographer Marie A. Andrews
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King, Susan Elizabeth, 1947- and Lyons, Joan Muhly, Paul O'Mara, Allwyn, “Treading the Maze: An Artist's Book of Daze,” Seattle Art Museum Libraries: Digital Collections, accessed March 29, 2023,