He Wears a Feather


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He Wears a Feather


Artists' Books--New Mexico--Santa Fe--Specimens
Oneida Indians
Oneida Language


Creating a textual and audio artists' book, this work honors the role of Oneida language in cultural identity. The Oneida language is in danger of dying out, and due to blood laws the artist's son will not be eligible for tribal membership. To connect herself and her son with Native culture, Mickelson used an audio recording from the WPA Oneida Language Revitalization Program. The recording is in Oneida and includes English translation.

Colophon reads: Lotestó slote / He Wears a Feather was told by Jefferson Baird, a member of the Oneida tribe of Wisconsin to Dennison Hill in the late 1930s. It was read by Amos Christjohn and recorded in the 1980s. The text was collected as part of the WPA Oneida Language Revitalization Program. Today, the Oneida Nation is working to preserve the dying language. As a member of the Oneida Nation. I hope to help the language be seen, heard, studied, and learned--I also hope to strengthen the connection to this part of my heritage by working with the language in this way.

Edition size: 15


Mickelson, Erin


Broken Cloud Press
Santa Fe, NM


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Materials/Printing: archival pigment printed text, electronic sound module, soapstone turtle.

Structure/Folds: drop spine box.

Dimensions: 29 x 24 x 5 cm (closed)


artists' books (books)


Twenty-first century (dates CE)

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The original object was photographed with a NIKON D300 digital camera at 300 ppi as a JPEG file format. The JPEG file was then modified in Adobe Photoshop.
Photographer Marie A. Andrews
5 total views: front view, back view, interior view, detail view


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