Antoine-Joseph Chappuis


Antoine-Joseph Chappuis, Mark for Calabre Teapot, 1761, slide 28_Mark

Antoine-Joseph Chappuis, known as Chappuis aîné (the elder) (1743–87; active 1756– or 1761–87), was a “repairer, painter, burnisher, and head of the kilns” (Savill 1988, 3:1018). His work can be seen on the "Calabre Teapot" (théière Calabre, 1761, slide 28) and the "Plate" (assiette, 1771, slide 43), which has a monogram for Prince Louis de Rohan. His mark, which was a lower case “cp,” is visible in slide 28_Mark.


Calabre Teapot (théière Calabre), 1761, slide 28. Read about the décor of this teapot here.

Chappuis started as a répareur (the “modeler responsible for applying handles, spouts, relief decoration,” Savill 1988, 3:1177). He later became a painter specializing in birds and flowers, and in 1786 he became head of the kilns. Some of his notable works included roses, garlands, arabesques, chinoiserie, and birds in landscapes. He mostly painted “tea, service, and useful wares” (Savill 1988, 3:1019). His wife was Marie-Gabrielle Jouault, who also worked as a painter and burnisher (active 1772–88).


Plate (assiette), 1771, slide 43

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