Press Coverage and SAM Guild Photography


Newspapers covered the run of exhibitions from beginning to end. Starting with simple announcements and reportage, the articles blossomed into coverage of the history of the neighborhoods and houses, directions and previews of the tours, photographic features in Sunday magazines, and reviews of the exhibitions.

The newspaper coverage captured the intimacy of the home tours. Using a light tone and featuring photographs of the residents in their homes, sometimes posed and sometimes at play, the articles captured the combination of the edifying and domestic nature of these tours. 

1960 - 1965

In the 1960's, Seattle boosterism was ascendant. The Jet Age was beginning, the World's Fair was coming to town, and Seattle was experiencing a population boom. The exhibitions had grown in size from modest beginnings to a well oiled production. 

1966 - 1970

From individual house pictorials to walking tour guides, the exhibitions continue to have brisk coverage by the press. Articles feature houses both old and new, describing the decor, the owners and the art. 

1971 - 1975

As the exhibitions entered their last decade, coverage of the exhibitions continued to evolve. The articles are matter of fact and less personal, and the features are less prevalent. 

1976 - 1980

As the exhibitions drew to a close, they revisited classic homes and haunts, exhibiting many houses that had previously been featured in visits to Capitol Hill and Washington Park. The press of this era captures the series coming to an end. Coverage is toned down, access to the homeowners is waning, and the voice used is less familiar. The guild members are still clearly enthusiastic, but an era is ending.

Press Coverage and SAM Guild Photography