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International Exhibition of Northwest Printmakers, 1929-1971

28th Annual NWPM 1956.1.pdf

This collection consists of checklists, two flyers, an entry form, and an exhibition notice from the International Northwest Printmakers Exhibition.…

Contributors: Brynn Zalmanek | Northwest Printmakers (Society)

Fritzsche Porcelain Collection

Fritzsche 2018_Collectors Notes_Ulrich and Stella Fritzsche Collection of Vincennes–Sevres Porcelain.pdf

The Fritzsche Porcelain Collection showcases 95 digitized slides, taken by photographer Ted D’Arms, which serve as a visual documentation of the Dr.…

Contributors: Painter, Kirsten Blythe

The Northwest Annual Exhibition and the Seattle Art Museum


Artists' Books from the Seattle Art Museum Libraries' Book Arts Collection


Richard E. Fuller Travel Slides: Art and Architecture of Mexico


Dr. Richard E. Fuller (1897-1976), Director of the Seattle Art Museum from 1933-1973, made an array of personal excursions to Mexico between 1944 and…

Contributors: Jessica Robbins

Documents Northwest: The PONCHO Series, 1983-2004


"Documents Northwest: The PONCHO Series" (DocsNW) presented 43 solo, 5 two-person and 14 group exhibitions at the Seattle Art Museum over a 21-year…

Contributors: Anna R Hurwitz, Traci Timmons

Northwest Watercolor Society at the Seattle Art Museum: Annual Exhibition Publications, 1942-1976


This collection consists of the catalogues (or checklists) from the Northwest Watercolor Society annual exhibitions hosted by Seattle Art Museum. This…

Contributors: Marie Andrews, Traci Timmons

SAM Next Publications


SAM Next was a series of exhibitions held at the Seattle Art Museum between 2008 to 2012. Its focus was emerging local, national, and international…

Contributors: Anastasia K. Tucker, Michael Darling, curator, Marisa C. Sánchez, curator

Seattle Fine Arts Society and the Art Institute of Seattle Publications


This collection consists of digitized annual reports, announcements and other documentation issued by the Seattle Fine Arts Society (1908-1928) and…

Contributors: Kate Hanske

William Lautz, the Seattle Ceramic Society, and the Seattle Art Museum


The Bullitt Library at the Seattle Art Museum holds a collection of photographic and documentary materials related to gallerist/dealer William Lautz,…

Contributors: Nicole Sonett, Traci Timmons